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What special features of Java are useful in web development?



Based on data from the Stack Overflow Developer Survey (around 90,000 respondents), we can say that Java development outsourcing is one of the five most popular developments. It is a universal object-oriented programming language that is used to create various information products:

* web applications (server side);

* mobile applications for Android;

* cloud data storage;

* desktop applications;

* computer game;

* software for banking systems, etc.

Java was created by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It quickly gained popularity among programmers and began to be used in the creation of client applications and server software. Java applications are translated into special bytecode which is executed by a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which can be installed on almost any device. This makes programs developed in Java cross-platform.

What exactly do you need to know?

The Java language must be mastered at a fairly good level, so the list of subjects required for mastery will be quite long.

Among the basic sections required: machine mathematics, variables and data types, conditional constructions, logical operations, loop constructions, methods, recursion, arrays, objects and classes, lists, exception handling, the object superclass, Generics, working with memory.

Other more advanced topics follow: collections, maps (Map), output basics (IO, NIO), methods of working with strings (String, StringBuilder, StringBuffer), regular expressions, date API, reflection, ClassLoader, annotations, Javadoc, VarArgs, serialization, cloning, Runnable stream and interface, lambda expressions, Stream API.

It should be noted that all of the above sections of the Java + OOP paradigm in the javascript environment is called Java Core.

In order to consolidate your knowledge and not to lose the acquired coding skills, we advise you to practice as often as possible and to solve problems applied from the Internet or compiled yourself.

Algorithms and data structures

Understanding algorithms and data structures is a must for any programmer. This is the necessary basis, thanks to which the developer learns to write good source code by choosing the optimal form of information presentation and sequence of actions.

By examining data structures, you can manage the complexity of your programs, make them easier to understand, and design high-performance applications that use memory more efficiently.

Knowledge of algorithms will allow you to create complex constructs to effectively solve a wide range of problems in Java.

Design Templates

Models are architectural constructs that describe typical ways of solving common problems that arise in software design. In total, there are over two dozen models out there, but a software architect should have them masterfully, not an ordinary developer. Usually a few models are used in a project, so you only need to know the most popular ones.

Thus, we have reviewed the main technologies that must be mastered by a candidate wishing to occupy the position of Java developer. For many years, Java itself has firmly held high positions in all kinds of rankings of programming languages ​​and is not going to leave its pedestal, as evidenced by the following statistics: dou.ua (Ukraine), tiobe.com ( Tiobe is a Dutch company that evaluates the quality of software), the aforementioned survey of developers of Stack Overflow and other information resources. And it is better to order such development through professionals such as outsource net development solutions by dataxdev.



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