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Vivaldi 4.3 supports web apps, a lower tab stack and more



The Vivaldi browser for desktop and Android has received several new features over the past few months. More recently, it received support for Accordion tabs and command strings on the desktop, as well as the ability to open external links in the browser and new tab settings on Android. With its latest update, the Vivaldi browser gets even more new features on both platforms.

New features in Vivaldi 4.3 for desktop

Vivaldi 4.3 for desktop has started to be rolled out to users and brings several new features. The browser’s built-in capture feature has received a UI overhaul with the latest update with new icons to help users understand how everything works. It now also offers a resize option which allows users to easily resize their screenshots.

Capture Vivaldi

Vivaldi’s sync feature has also received an updated user interface that makes it easier for users to set up and run it. It is now more intuitive, features new icons and colors that draw attention to important features, and an option to download the backup encryption key which will allow users to decrypt their synchronized data if they forget their passwords. .

Vivaldi synchronization

Updated Vivaldi Sync user interface

Additionally, the update improves the download panel to show an informative graph of download speed over time, new buttons to restart downloads and search for downloaded files, and user interface changes to set highlight key statistics.

Vivaldi download panel with graphic

The download panel now shows more information

Other notable changes include additional language support in Vivaldi Translate, drag and drop support on Vivaldi Mail, changes to the OAuth connection for Vivaldi Mail and Calendar, and PWA support. Finally, Vivaldi for desktop now also has the inactivity detection API disabled by default.

Changes in Vivaldi 4.3 for Android

Vivaldi 4.3 for Android brings a new Tab Stack toolbar, which improves on the new tab settings and tab stacks rolled out with a previous update. The toolbar allows users to switch tabs in a stack of tabs, open / close tabs in a stack, and preview grouped tabs.

Vivaldi Tab Stack Toolbar

New Tab Stack Toolbar

Like the desktop version, Vivaldi Sync on Android has also received a UI refresh. The new user interface makes it easy to configure Sync. It has a more intuitive design, as well as new icons and colors that improve the account setup and the recovery experience. The Android version also offers users the option to download the backup encryption key from the sync settings to decrypt their synced data if they forget their password.

New Vivaldi Sync UI

Updated synchronization user interface

Vivaldi Translate on Android also received support for 68 new languages ​​with browser version 4.3, bringing the total to 108 supported languages. Finally, the Android version also disables the Idle Detection API by default.

Vivaldi 4.3 for desktop and Android is already being rolled out to users. If you haven’t received the update yet, you can go to Vivaldi’s website to download the latest desktop version or to the Google Play Store for the Android version.



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