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UC Browser Launches 1st Series Of Cricket-Themed Web Games For Pakistani Users



To celebrate the cricket season, UC Browser, the # 1 mobile web browser with35% market share in Pakistan (according to StatCounter), flagship product of UCWeb, an Alibaba Mobile business group, has launched its first series of cricket-themed web games for Pakistani users. Since its launch on March 7, 1.8 million Pakistanis took part in the games, creating a new trend in the country on mobile. The web games are based on HTML5, which is easily supported by UC Browser.

UC Browser Launches 1st Series Of Cricket-Themed Web Games For Pakistani Users

Speaking of the popularity of these games in Pakistan, Kenny Ye, Managing Director Global Markets, Alibaba Mobile Business Group noted:

“Cricket is the favorite sport in Pakistan and people support their team in different ways. During this cricket season, using HTML5, a booming technology supporting the latest multimedia, UC Browser has introduced a series of games for people to support the Pakistani team, have fun guessing the scores matches and win amazing prizes.

This series of cricket-related games also gained attention on social media with celebrities including Shahid Afridi talking about it. UC Browser wanted to create a platform where every Pakistani can have fun and cheer with the team. Now it’s not like only 11 players are playing in the ground, the whole country is playing with them. To play the game, click here: Support the Pakistani team.

Besides web games, UC Browser also provides UC Cricket to cricket fans across the country. UC Cricket is an in-app cricket content widget in the UC browser, which now provides comprehensive cricket content such as live scores, news, videos, live tweets, commentary and more.

About UCWeb

UCWeb Inc. (UCWeb), an Alibaba group company, is a leading provider of mobile internet software and services. Since its inception in 2004, UCWeb has been on a mission to provide a better mobile Internet experience to people around the world. UCWeb’s flagship product, UC Browser, is available on over 3,000 different models of mobile devices from over 200 manufacturers, and is compatible with all popular operating systems. Serving users in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, UC Browser is now available in 11 languages, including English, Russian, Indonesian and Vietnamese. Additional information on UCWeb and UC Browser can be found at www.ucweb.com.



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