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Spotlight on Sunday: Web Games – Cookie Clicker, Frog Fractions and Superhot



We do not generally cover web games on TSA, but there are a few that I have played this week that I think would create a nice distraction on this rainy Sunday. Something that should draw you in and give you plenty to waste your free time before it goes away on Tuesday due to your attempts to balance GTA V and real life.


Cookie clicker It might sound simple, but it’s actually a surprisingly smart game, featuring great progression and great pacing. The goal is to build your collection of baked goodies by first clicking on the cookie on the left, before buying additional sliders to click for you, grandmothers to bake cookies, farms for grow cookies naturally, and even alchemy labs, portals and time machines to grow your cookie collection at an alarming rate.

At first you will start with a few cookies per second, but as you progress you will make thousands and thousands as your number of cookies increases more and more. It’s pretty funny and ultimately very addicting, with some cool features like stats and the ability to save your game and come back to it later.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t reward you with real cookies.


I don’t really want to say too much about Frog fractions so I don’t spoil the fun, but know this: the first time I played it I gave up after about five minutes aiming for frog tongue on various bugs and fractions appearing on the screen – I didn’t haven’t even learned anything about fractions!

But that’s not the point, there is a whole other game inside Frog Fractions for you to experience; it’s hilarious, brilliant, and one of the most varied and expansive flash games I’ve seen. I’m not going to spoil the surprises here (seriously, play it!) But the Wikipedia page has an overview of everything that is included.

Very hot surfaced this week and it features one of the most impressive game mechanics I’ve seen all year, surpassing most triple-A titles in its originality. You see, in Superhot time only moves when you do. It’s built with Unity, so the web version is nothing more than a try, as we’ve seen with games like Surgeon Simulator before.

It brings a whole new meaning to bullet time in games, and is just amazing to see. There is also a lot of room for expansion with this game, such as enemies that can only move when you are stopped or various types of weapons and maybe even different time powers. Even from this short essay, you can see the time and love that goes into it.

Everything from the collision detection and the shooter to the fantastic visual style is amazing. Fortunately, like Surgeon Simulator, Superhot appears to be being developed into a full game for Steam, and it recently hit Steam Greenlight – so vote!

If you have any suggestions for something you’d like to see appear in Sunday Spotlight on the web (or even in real life), let us know!




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