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Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services will launch the first-ever Keyword App to track and manage keywords


Award-winning company designs high-end websites and intensive SEO campaigns to ensure client success

Ottawa (ON) – Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services is gearing up to launch the world’s first keyword app. The brand new app will allow individuals, organizations and businesses to track and manage their keyword usage. The app will also provide insight into keyword rankings, making all areas more data-driven.

The Keyword App is the latest release from Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services, the capital’s top-rated web design and SEO agency. Founded in 2012, Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services has provided businesses across Canada with professional web design and SEO services.

The business continues to evolve with the continued advancement of the Internet. Ottawa web design and SEO services deliver top quality work and a rich user experience providing clients with tangible results.

Businesses need a website to succeed in today’s crowded business landscape. However, a simple website is not enough to attract potential customers. A business website can only attract new customers if its keyword rankings are effective.

Keyword rankings provide data on a website’s performance. Businesses can also find out how well their competitors are ranking with target phrases. A business can find out how much competition is taking customers away from it.

The application will offer users the opportunity to learn the relevance of keywords. The data provided by the SEO Keyword app will also give users the opportunity to get incredible performance insights like never before.

Hiring a high-end web design and SEO company saves clients time. Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services will create an intensive SEO strategy delivering tangible results. Clients can leave SEO strategy development to the professionals and focus on what they do best. Clients will also save money by investing in high-quality web design or an SEO strategy focused on delivering new leads.

Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services is an award-winning company and has worked on a variety of projects across Canada. The company’s professional staff have worked on web designs for cafes, pizzerias, health and wellness businesses, and more.

Ottawa Web Design & SEO Services can help clients succeed, and potential clients can book a meeting today. For more information on Ottawa Web Design, please visit https://ottawaseo.net.

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