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Learn Modern Web Development Online and Build Database Driven Websites


The modern web development and MySQL programming bundle teaches modern, database-driven web development. Get five classes for just $20.

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The internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But that’s changing all the time, with new developments like the metaverse, edge computing, and more changing the way we build and interact with the web. If you feel like the ship has already sailed in your web development journey, know that there is always time to learn and now is a great time to start learning web development.

The Modern Web Development and MySQL Programming bundle includes five courses from software engineer Trevoir Williams. Williams has taught web, software, and database development for over a decade and has extensive experience developing web applications and administering Azure systems and servers. He knows his stuff, and he’ll bring you up to speed with modern web development in nearly 50 hours of content.

Throughout these courses, you will build a modern web application using Blazor; configure an Apache server, a PHP environment and a MySQL database using a XAMPP server; and start building dynamic, data-driven web applications from scratch. You will get familiar with the Bootstrap 4 framework, how to use GitHub for source control, and be able to deploy a web application using Heroku. You will also understand basic database design, learn how to query related data from multiple tables, use aggregate functions in SQL, and create complex database objects.

In addition to web development, you will understand how to create and run console applications using basic C#. You will be able to build and run Windows Forms applications, use C# operators for math and logic tasks, and build data-driven APIs using Entity Framework and .NET 5.

Familiarize yourself with modern web development. Right now, you can get the Modern Web Development and MySQL Programming Bundle for just $19.99 for a limited time.

Pricing and availability are subject to change.