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Accelerate Digital Marketing and Web Development to Change the Tailwind of Business



Brendan M. Egan: Accelerating Digital Marketing and Web Development to Change the Tailwind of Business

Brendan M. Egan is the Founder and CEO of Simple SEO group which it still owns and operates to this day. Simple SEO is a Chicago-based digital marketing agency that offers website design and development, mobile app design and development, digital marketing campaigns (including SEO, PPC, web marketing, email, CRO and social media management) and consulting. Brendan is also the co-founder and CEO of The Marketing Masters, a digital marketing agency offering full-service marketing campaigns. The Marketing Masters has offices in Chicago and Los Angeles.

A character with many talents

Through the two agencies, Brendan has worked with over 500 clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, and has built a reputation for delivering campaigns focused on results and ROI for each client. Brendan is also the co-founder, chief technology officer and chief marketing officer of Engage, an online platform that is disrupting the talent and entertainment booking industry. Brendan sits on the board of directors of ERI, the world’s largest cybersecurity destruction company, and is chair of ERI’s technology committee. He also sits on the board of directors of Engage as well as eleven other companies. Brendan has been a leader in digital marketing and web development for fifteen years. His current role at Simple SEO Group includes Global Business Strategy, Client Strategy, and he oversees the team that manages the execution of all client projects.

Setup into a successful CEO

Brendan first got to grips with business at the age of 10 when he started a leaf raking and snow shoveling business in the neighborhood. After a few days of work, Brendan quickly realized that he could hire friends to do the hard work while taking care of customer relations and make a lot more money than doing the work himself. . From there, at the age of 20, Brendan got deeply involved in stock trading and soon after started one of the first online trading courses. The course was a 10-hour video available for purchase that sold thousands of copies over two years. He eventually sold this business to a competitor. At that time, Brendan had extensive experience in marketing and founded Simple SEO Group.

Learn to overcomeChallenges at a young age

One of the biggest challenges Brendan faced during his entrepreneurial journey was his age. He started his first business before he could go to the bar and order a drink. Over the years, youth and inexperience have closed many doors to him, but also helped him to open them. One of the best ways he overcame these challenges was to partner with more established businesses and individuals. The combination of energetic youth and a proven track record has proven invaluable in the growth of all of its businesses over the past two decades.

Acquire the essential skills of a technology leader

According to Brendan, to be a leader in technology, it takes five essential skills, namely organizational excellence, critical thinking, the ability to think outside the box, the ability to nurture and develop relationships and business skills. leadership to manage and lead a team. With these five skills, a technology leader will not only succeed, but thrive in any market.

Implement customer engagement through innovation

The key to any business, tech or otherwise, is innovation and listening to what customers want. In his previous and current roles, Brendan aims to solve problems that exist in the market. For example, Engage, which Brendan co-founded and works as CTO and Chief Marketing Officer, was created to digitize the multibillion dollar talking market that has not seen digitization and disruption until now. ‘now. Solving problems in an analog industry and digitizing it much like Uber did with transportation or AirBNB with hotels solves customer problems while making a profitable business.

Mark the future with disruptive technology

Disruptive technologies are the present and the future. Brendan believes that as AI continues to get smarter and more devices hit the market, tech leaders will more than ever have to consider their day-to-day tasks as well as the creation of new businesses. . He said, “The growth of the tech industry makes this the most exciting time ever for technology leaders and entrepreneurs to come up with innovative businesses that can both solve problems and be hugely profitable.” . The industry continues to grow every day and the companies Brendan operates are all in industries that will experience billion dollar growth exponentially in the years and decades to come. Virtually any tech company managed during this decade will be able to experience explosive growth.

Advice to emerging leaders

To future founders and industry leaders, Brendan says, “Find a problem, find out how technology can be a solution, execute your plan and stay focused. Doing these four things will help any emerging business leader be successful. When you do these four things, you are solving a void in the market, and financial success will follow closely behind.



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