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25 courses for $ 25 The Web Development Mega Bundle is available



If you’re worried about starting a career in web development, or looking to build a career in web development, we’ve got a great deal for you here. Wccftech is offering a limited time discount on all 25 courses for a $ 25 Web Development Mega Bundle. The offer will expire in a few days, so get it right away.

25 Courses for $ 25 of Mega Bundle Web Development Features

The package is huge and contains 25 courses, and you only have to pay $ 25 for the entire package! In no time at all, you’ll gain the expertise you need to excel in web development. Here are the highlights of what the 25 Course for $ 25 Web Development Mega Bundle has in store for you:

  • AWS Deployment for Node.js Applications
    Deploy your Node.js applications to the Amazon web service and make them accessible online
  • Introduction to MongoDB
    Get to know MongoDB and find out how to manage data like a pro
  • Introduction to Next.js
    Start with a minimalist framework for building static and server-rendered React apps
  • Introduction to RPG Development with Phaser
    Create the start of your RPG by learning the basics of Phaser 3’s popular HTML5 framework
  • JavaScript foundations
    Learn JavaScript for Web and HTML5 Game Development
  • Language recognition AI with Unity and Azure
    Create a speech recognition application using Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Node.js and Express for beginners
    Master the basics of JavaScript Runtime Node.js & Express Framework to build your APIs for web apps, multiplayer games, etc.
  • Node.js for beginners: build server-side applications with JavaScript
    Build fast web apps by learning Node.js, the server-side solution for JavaScript
  • Python foundations
    Learn the fundamentals of Python for data science and machine learning
  • Responsive web design for beginners
    Master the basics of CSS and create responsive websites for all screen sizes
  • The Complete JavaScript Course for Beginners
    Start your journey in JavaScript by studying the basics and mastering how to use the principles in your projects
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
    Learn Bootstrap, The Secret To Quickly Building Professional, Attractive Websites + Web Apps.
  • Intermediate SQL: create and modify databases
    Define your database from scratch and understand how to apply it to your projects
  • Developing HTML5 Games for Beginners with Phaser
    Take a hands-on approach to learning game development basics with Phaser 3
  • Azure deployment for Node.js applications
    Find out how to deploy Node.js applications on Microsoft Azure and make them accessible online
  • Beginning SQL: Store and query your data
    Learn the basics of SQLite and start sorting and querying your data like a pro
  • Create JavaScript applications with Vue.js
    Master the fundamentals of the Vue.js framework and build scalable applications with organized and easy-to-read JavaScript
  • Create interactive pages with Javascript and the DOM API
    Explore the DOM API, HTML5 and advanced JavaScript concepts by creating 3 projects
  • CSS Flexbox for beginners
    Create responsive websites for any device using CSS Flexbox
  • CSS foundations
    Improve website aesthetics and designs with CSS stylesheet language
  • Discover jQuery: Build interactive websites
    Get the tools and skills to build rich, successful, professional-looking web applications with jQuery
  • Learn about React for web apps
    Immerse yourself in the user interface; JavaScript library reacts to build data-rich web applications with complex user interface needs
  • Git and Github: version control and collaboration
    Find out how to use version control to keep a clean history of your project and collaborate with teams
  • HTML and CSS
    Learn HTML and CSS from scratch by creating a responsive landing page
  • WebVR for Beginners: Build VR Websites with A-Frame
    Build VR websites from scratch!

Original price 25 courses for $ 25 Mega Bundle Web Development: $ 2,475
Wccftech Discount Price 25 Courses For $ 25 Mega Bundle Web Development: 25 $



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