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graphic design jobs indianapolis linkedin These include such items as sales contracts or a well defined vendor's purchase order with conditions of sale clearly spelled out. Appropriate terms should be printed on sales documents contracts, invoices, statements clearly and without fail. Such terms will include notice of interest charged on overdue accounts and discounts granted for prompt payment. Internal control of receivables should include an aging which permits periodic evaluation. This should fit together with commercial collections routines. The time for referral to a professional commercial collection agency should come from the aging at 60 or 90 days past due, and sometimes sooner. After a first statement has gone unheeded, start your commercial collection procedure. Any program that permits three statements or a two to three month time lag before the first collection step is taken will result in a lower recovery ratio. Any procedures for handling slow paying accounts should emphasize speed in contacting the delinquent bill payer. A company with a past due account on your books is probably in the same condition with a number of other suppliers. The debtor may be on the verge of serious financial trouble, and the creditor who moves first is most likely to recover their money.

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